• How many of you use WD-40 on your firearms? I always take a little spray can to the range with me to free up the actions after alot of rounds downrange. Especially .22's...get real dirty and gummy after alot of rounds. ... more
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  • It’s baseball season! With Major League Baseball officially starting next weekend, it’s time to learn how to swing a baseball bat effectively. Whether you plan to coach from the dugout or be in the batter’s ... more
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  • Tackling your spring cleaning list this weekend? Whether you’re cleaning your home or garage, keep a can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product handy. It’ll help: Remove dirt and dust from patio door tracks Remove ... more
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  • Good afternoon,I would like to tell you why I use WD-40. The main reason I choose WD-40 is because it is cheap and good quality, it is also quite handy for use on small mechanical devices which need oiling. Thank you for ... more
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  • Any OHIO residents here? GO BUCKEYES!
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